• S Series

    “S Series”  Rotary Joint Right Hand / Left Hand shaft Thread

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  • D Series

    “D Series” Model Rotary Joint Right Hand / Left Hand shaft Thread.

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  • C Series

    “C Series” Model Rotary Joint Right Hand / Left Hand shaft Thread

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  • H Series

    H Series” Model Rotary Joint Right Hand / Left-Hand shaft Thread.

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Manufacturing of Rotary Unions and Joints

The rotary unions and joints are created so as to prevent water from spilling or to prevent its usage without wasting it. So basically, it was to reduce the wastage of water when one shifts from hot to cold. In simple words, it was created to save water but eventually it was evolved to take of other fluids too and now these rotary unions and joints are being used in every field of life.


These rotary joints and rotary unions, seals, couplings etc. are all manufactured in the HH industries which are situated in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India. It is a huge pride to create such products which saves the planet and helps the people in so many ways. The manufacturers first created something just to save the water but now the same device is being used in almost everything. From papers to printing, carwash to automotive and agriculture etc. everywhere you will see the use of rotary joints. And this is all thanks to the manufacturers who lie in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India!

Why Are We the Best?

The product is made from high graded materials and designed to perfection. If you ever encounter a compromised product which is highly unlikely but still, if you do then wewill immediately refund it for you. However, the use of high graded carbon, Teflon and other materials says otherwise!

Specifications of The Product

The product is available in every size and shape as well as dimension. Whichever size is needed in the market or homes, the industry provides.

  • The material does not corrode or damage easily. But if it does, it can withstand the corrosion or damage for quite some time.
  • They have a high efficiency and tolerance levels.
  • It has a great resistance towards abrasion.
  • It has a longer life so you need not worry about changing it immediately after a few days of purchase. It is so constructed to withstand any pressure and fitted in any way likeable or compatible to you and your house or work place or wherever you wish to place it at!