• ROTO 101

    ROTO 101″ Rotary Union Right Hand / Left Hand shaft Thread

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  • ROTO 102

    “ROTO 102”  Rotary Union Right Hand / Left Hand shaft Thread

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  • ROTO 103

    “ROTO 103” Rotary Union Right Hand / Left Hand shaft Thread and also make flanged-end.

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What Are These?

The rotary joints or the rotating union is a device which allows the rotation of united parts. Meaning a device which acts as a seal between a stationary pipe and a rotating one so that the fluids can flow around with ease. The rotary union manufacturers made it as such that any fluid can flow through it with ease i.e. be it oil or grease or mobile oil or any other liquid which is required to flow from one agent to another. The path provided to the agent is the rotating union or rotary joint!


The rotary union manufacturers have made the rotary joint as a union platform. Through this, liquids can transfer from one outlet into another as well as they can be stored and allowed to pass when time is considered right and so on. The pipe from which the agent is supposed to pass should be stationary because the joint rotates on its own providing a proper pass to go through.


These are very useful. Every rotary union suppliers are made to sell it in bulk. Nowadays, there are rotary union exporters available who check for specific quality and then allow the pass. You can use it anywhere required i.e.

  • You can use it in agricultural platforms for the water formula.
  • Many rotary union exporters claim that the joints work best in automotive and car washes hence the demand.
  • It is used for conversion purposes.
  • It is used as a machine tool or is used in the machines itself.
  • It is used in the manufacture or rubber, steel and other such things.
  • You will also see its application in the printing of a paper or in the manufacture of paper itself.
  • It is also seen to be used in the creation of plastics.


These rotary joints come in all shapes and sizes. Depending upon your job or your work, the rotary union suppliers will provide you with a joint perfect for your use and more. Its composition remains the same however its heart consists of a seal. This seal prevents the liquid from rushing out while the joint is at work!

Why Are We the Best?

It is hard to find a good company because mostly quality products are too pricy to be bought and the ones that are cheap, are also of inferior kind. We excel, because we offer industry standard products at affordable prices.